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Hi Dreamers,

As you know, we at D.R.E.A.M. approach financial literacy from a holistic approach as it touches every part of our daily lives. Commandment #8 of Financial Empowerment states, “Be a savvy consumer; never pay “retail” and avoid “impulse shopping”. With that in mind we have special treat for the Budgetistas and Fashionistas out there. Today’s guest blogger is an all-star fashion, beauty, and budget blogger that needs no introduction. Without further ado, we introduce Lisa, author of the blog Dime Piece on a Dime.  

When it comes to shopping for clothes, shoes, accessories, and even makeup, I’ve learned that an online presence is the only REAL way to save $$. So whenever you go shopping, picture me as your naggy auntie Lisa reminding you to make use of the following online resources before pulling out your wallet.

1. The site provides exclusive coupons codes and cash back on all of your online purchases at many many many retailers. I used this site to purchase my ipad, and I also use it whenever I'm shopping at Forever21. Originally this site was reserved for people with .edu email accounts, but now they've opened it up to everybody. Best part about this site is that the cash back percentage doesn't negate the use of coupon codes. Yes, indeed!

2. works just like, so use them both! When I can't find a deal on studentrate I log onto to ebates and search there.  So far, I've used ebates for all of my purchases at Asos, but there are tons of deals on this super duper user friendly site. To learn more about how Ebates works, click here

3. Retailmenot is a coupon site I visit regularly. In fact, before I check out of ANY online shopping cart, I visit this site to make sure I'm not missing any coupons. Although I am signed up to all of my favorite stores' email list serves, several of my top brands seem to post some coupons exclusively to this site. Don't miss out!

4. Shopittome is amazing, and FREE! All you have to do is set up a profile by designating your favorite brands and clothing/shoe sizes, and voila! You'll get daily emails when things in your size go on sale.

5. Tweetalicous operates like Shopitome, but via twitter. Pick your top stores and get a tweet whenever there is a special sale or coupon code. 

6. HauteLook is one of several popular online flash sites on the scene right now. Although I'm signed up to others like Ideeliruelala, and Gilt, I've only shopped from Hautelook because I tend to find great makeup deals from even the cheap brands like ELF, and NYX Cosmetics. I also seem to find great jewelry and shoe deals on brands that don't typically offer discounts online.  Flash sales are just that, so you have to move quickly! Popular items sell out in minutes and the sales themselves only last for a day or two. I use the hautelook iPhone app so I get a quick alert whenever one of my fav brands is having a sale.

7. SneakPeeq is relatively new on the flash sale scene, but it brings additional twist to the game. The more people "peeq" or click on an item, the more the price drops. Of course this means you have to move quickly when you spot an item at a price you like. So far I've only used this site once, but I snagged a whole SAY YES to Cucumbers beauty kit for $3 shipped!

8. Nouveau Cheap is the G.O.D.E.S.S. of discount beauty shopping! Not only does she offer great in depth reviews and swatches of the latest drugstore finds, but she has the inside scoop on all of the latest drugstore makeup sales BEFORE they even happen. Better still, she provides links to coupons so you don't have to kill yourself every week going out to by the Sunday paper.  This week? Rite aid is offering 40% off of Wet n’ Wild Cosmetics.

9. It's Hip to Save offers a lot of the same insider sale alerts as Nouveau Cheap, but this site is not limited to beauty.  This site even offers a coupon directory, so you can search for coupons before you hit up your local grocery store or target. 

10. So this last one isn't a site, but rather a tip. If you like a brand make sure you follow that brand's twitter and Facebook fan page. Companies often offer "fan only" deals and coupon codes you won't find anywhere else online. 

 About the Author: Lisa, also known as DimePieceonaDime, is a new blogger with an addiction a passion for beauty and fashion on the cheap. A self-professed, "Bugetista," Lisa teaches her readers and Youtube subscribers all she knows about staying fabulously trendy without breaking the bank. 



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