The Invest in Success program is a two-year preparatory institute focused on developing students’ knowledge of personal finance and investing. Our curriculum and expert instructors teach scholars skills such as saving, budgeting, managing a checking account, and investing. Once you’ve mastered that, we’ll show you how to go to college without taking out massive student loans!

 The breadth of topics covered and difficulty of course material gradually increases per year, ranging from first-year topics such as “The Basics of Budgeting” to second year topics such “Valuing Investments in the Private Market”. This experience better equips students to handle critical financial decisions as they enter adulthood. Our aim is to empower students with financial knowledge to ensure they make the most informed decisions and avoid many of the common pitfalls that lie ahead of those who are financially illiterate.

The “Invest in Success” Experience

The “Invest-in-Success” program has four main components:
I.     $tart $mart
II.    Finance Academy
III.   Mentorship
The program initiates annually every September and concludes in June, coinciding with our students’ academic school terms.

Finance Academy sessions will be conducted one Saturday per month. Students are required to attend all sessions to ensure maximum benefit from participation in the program is achieved. During the summer months, scholars are required to attend and participate in summer educational/enrichment programs.

Scholars will participate in mandatory capstone competitions such as the Invest in Success Personal Finance Case Competition and the Invest in Success Stock Pitch Competition.

As part of participation in the program, our scholars are afforded the opportunity to open savings and individual brokerage accounts to begin walking the path towards financial liberation.

Success Mentors will assist and guide scholars as many of them begin to take control of their financial lives for the first time. Mentors will serve as resources and answer questions regarding creating personal budgets, effective saving methods, in addition to any other financial questions scholars may have.

Why Participate in the Invest in Success Program?

Expert Guidance: Our program provides students with knowledge, information, and skills to understand the core competencies of saving, investing, and managing one’s credit.

Mentoring: Success Mentors will serve as a guide and sage to answer questions about finance, college preparation, and any other topics the scholars may wish to address.
“Hands-on” Learning: Participants in the program will have several opportunities to practice budgeting, saving, and investing real money through competitions and simulations.

Network: As part of our alumni network, program participants have access to a network of graduates of the program. Scholars will have access to internship and career opportunities across various industries.