Invest in Success FAQ's


About The Program

What are the costs associated with participating in “Invest in Success”?

There is an initial $25 non-refundable admission fee due at acceptance. Scholars are responsible for all transportation costs to and from events. Food will be provided at designated events.*

How long is the program?

The entire “Invest in Success” experience spans three years beginning in the sophomore year of high school and concluding in the student’s senior year.

When and where are the Finance Academy sessions held?

Various locations throughout the greater NYC area.

Are Finance Academy sessions mandatory?

Sessions are 100% mandatory.

Are students given money to invest?

No, students are not unanimously given money to invest. However, students will engage in several healthy competitions and simulations in which the winning prize may be cash for the student to investment or an already purchased investment security that will be transferred to the winner.


Can I participate in “Invest in Success” if I don’t live in NYC?

At the moment, the program is only open to NYC high school students. However, please stay tuned as we expand to other cities in the near future.

Can I participate although I am not a U.S citizen?

Unfortunately, we mandate that all participants be U.S citizens or permanent legal residents.

Can I participate even though I am not African American, Hispanic, or Native American?

Applicants must be African American, Hispanic, Native American or Asian in order to be eligible for participation.


How do I submit my application?

All applications should be completed online.  Official transcripts and any additional information should be sent to us via U.S. Postal Service mail to the address provided, faxed to (347) 230-8672, or files can be submitted via email:  Applications must be 100% complete when submitted. Partial applications will not be accepted.

Is there an interview?

As a regular part of our selection process, DREAM staff reserves the right to interview any and all applicants before admission decisions are administered

I have questions about the application. What should I do?

Refer to the application guide for answers to your questions. If you have additional questions not addressed in the guide, feel free to send an email to or and someone will promptly reply to you.

When will the application be available?

The application is currently available.

*Inability to pay the initial deposit due to financial hardship does not hinder one’s participation in the program